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five-run lead. you can't be walking. >> jon: montero will come up. he is hitting .246 against left-handed pitching. but he is a catcher who he's in there every day. 0-1. montero, 2 for 8 lifetime against javier lopez and that is pretty good for a -- against lopez. >> mike: yeah. >> jon: a ball and a strike.
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justin upton is on deck. tomorrow's game an earlier start. first pitch scheduled at 5:10 pacific time. barry zito for the giants against wade miley who is a strong candidate for the rookie of the year award in the national league. 2-1. he is 5'10". game on television on comcast sports net. bay area. pregame starting at 4:30 tomorrow. sunday game, 1:10 start. vogelsong against corbin. high and foul. out of play. looks like a lot of people did not want to stay for the fireworks, doesn't it? this is a fireworks night. 31,856 the paid crowd and maybe half or less still here. >> mike: and most of them giants
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fans. they love fireworks. i didn't know that. >> jon: giants fans? >> mike: yeah. >> jon: i have an idea that diamondbacks fans don't like fireworks. earlier this year there wasn't a good crowd at all. it hits the bag! another ball hits the bag! around to third base goes goldschmidt. colorado did that twice in the same game last week. or earlier this week. bruce bochy is coming out. two men on. justin upton coming up. >> mike: a play that would have been an out. right down the line. watch brandon belt. boom. hits the bag. amazing.
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>> jon: the giants make another oof move. romo in to face upton. move. romo in to face upton.
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>> jon: the d'backs have only got one home. romo will try and hold the line
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here as justin upton, the dangerous right-handed batter, having a bad year. romo to try to keep it a bad year. giants infield looking for the double play ball. ball one. upton, one hit in eight career at-bats against sergio romo and three strikeouts. upton has had one hit tonight. he has fouled out, flied out, singled and grounded into a force. goldschmidt at third and montero at first. that's a strike. outside corner. got a low strike there. one ball, one strike. chris johnson another right-handed hitter is on deck.
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he chased that slider. foul. one ball, two strikes. cain started and went five plus. it was always an issue of heavy pitch count for cain who threw 34 in the first inning. and then first two hitters in the sixth inning got on against him cain was removed at 106 pitches. mijares, affeldt and lopez and now romo. romo the seventh giants pitcher of the game. reached for and pops it up. posey runs out of room. one ball, two strikes.
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upton just barely got a piece of that and checks his bat to make sure it's all still in one solid piece. dodgers ahead 8-4 over the cardinals. last of the eighth inning at dodgers stadium. 1-2. he takes that one. two balls, two strikes the count. >> mike: this ballpark gives you the sail feeling that coors field has. you never feel safe until it's over.
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>> jon: struck him out! another slider and this one put him away! two down. >> mike: you're ahead in the count, that's how you take advantage of it. thrown right below the strike zone. he shaved the outside corner. nice pitch. it's hard to get any movement when there is no humidity on the slider and there is none here. very dry. >> jon: chris johnson entered as a pinch hitter in the sixth inning and singled home arizona's only run and he doubled in the eighth inning. ball one. johnson is facing romo for the first time in his career right now. johnson 2 for 2 in the game. d'backs one hit in 14 at-bats
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with runners in scoring position. two on. two out. there goes montero from first. a foul. hit him on the foot. a ball and a strike. montero has to circle around and go back to first. they will play behind him at first. not worried about him. panoramic look. the big scoreboard out there above the center field wall. video screen. outfield bleachers and big panels open with the roof open as well. sergio romo, pant legs high and has the orange stripes showing. slider. just off the outside. >> mike: shaved it again. didn't miss by much. >> jon: 2-1.
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romo is in his 61st game of the year. two on, two out. foul tip. off the glove of posey. back to the backstop. 2-2. >> mike: i mean, he is throwing that slider consistently into a target the size of a catcher's glove. it's just one after another. he is going with that breaking ball with and it's not easy thing to do especially from the low third quarter release. he's unique. >> jon: 6-1 giants. runners at first and third. two down. two ball, two strike count to chris johnson. he took it.
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3-2. john mcdonald is on deck and he would be next. montero from first base will definitely run now. 3-2. two down. montero goes. bloop. scutaro. no. overrun by pence. montero did not realize is so he stays at third. 6-2. johnson is the only diamondbacks hitter to have a hit in scoring position all night. he's had two of them. >> mike: comes in. another little slider. perfectly placed right off the end of the bat.
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this is just a -- not a lot scutaro could do. >> jon: chris johnson is 2 for 2 with runners in scoring position tonight, just like it's easily done. the rest of the d'backs 0 for 13. here is mcdonald. 6-2 the score. mcdonald, if he could get on base, the possible tying run of the game would come to the plate. fastball. 0-1. >> mike: he keeps taking all the way. >> jon: romo struck mcdonald two times he has faced him in his career. sandoval has been hit by a pitch. first and third. two down. a run in. slider for a strike.
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0-2. >> mike: inside corner. tim lincecum watching and wanting to celebrate. romo taking his time and controlling the tempo of the inning. >> jon: diamondbacks have nine hits in the game and only one for extra bases. eight singles. johnson goes from first. did he swing? and the game is over! he did! strike three! the giants win for the third time in four tries. the third game in a row, in fact, on this road trip. they beat arizona 6-2. matt cain does get his 14th win of the year.
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>> mike: a game of perseverance. the diamondbacks leave 15 men on base and plenty of opportunities but the giants side stepping a lot of trouble. a huge win for them to get the first game of the series sets up a good weekend. >> jon: we are going to say good night to you from the valley of the sun. for those of you watching on nbc bay area, we will be back with more.
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>> jon: that is the view from outside chase field. the giants inside beat the arizona diamondbacks 6-2. matt cain with his 14th win of the year and pan dough sandoval three-hit night back in the lineup. the biggest blow of the game the grand slam by hunter pence in the third inning and capped a five-run inning. hunter pence is with us. four years since your grand slam. you hit that ball well enough
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you must have known it was out of here when you struck it it. >> you never know. things can happen. today we had some good pitching. a lot of men on base and we found a way to get it done. >> that's pretty good two-strike hitting. what is you approach? did you cut things out? didn't look like it. >> lately get my foot down early and see it and hit it pef they have been pounding me live high fastballs and lefties throwing me a lot of offspeed. you know it's one of those two and hope you can hold your hands back on off-speed pitch and be ready for a high fastball. >> is this one of your more favorite places to hit because of how well you see the ball? >> you do see the ball well here but they have a good pitching staff. you never know. every game is different and every day is different and every year is different. i don't know what my numbers are here. it seems to be a big yard and seems to be a good place to hit.
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>> hunter, you struggled at times with your new ball club. your batting average is not good. your fourth home run tonight. but through it all you had a lot of rbis and, i don't know, 120, 125 rbi pace with the giants. how do you feel now as you've had this about six weeks with your new ball club, how do you feel it's going and how relaxed are you around the other guys and as a giant now? >> the team is amazing. a lot of that -- obviously, i got to get more hits but i'm feeling a little better and continuing to work. there's been some stretches where i felt good and sometimes i'm searching for it but really with buster in front of me and the top of the lineup with pagan and scutaro on so much i'm going to have to hit or they will walk posey so one of those things. that's how it's going to be. i get a lot of at-bats with runners on. >> being around this club all year long and impressed all of us up here how well you guys
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have been able to stay in the moment. nobody has talked about the future. nobody has talked about any other series any other game than the one that you are playing. is that something you are conscious of that you talk about amongst yourselves. >> i think the chemistry here and just the feel of the club is amazing. i think it starts with bochy and the way he leads. it's just kind of a -- it's a relaxed focus and, you know, it kind of makes you comfortable to play and a lot of fun to play and what we do. have fun and believe in each other and feels like a real team. just a team all pulling for each other and pulling the same direction so it's refreshing to play. under a manager like bochy that keeps it that way. >> it's obvious to us. let's go back to your home run. one of the hardest things to do is hit off a guy that you had never hit off before that you don't know and tyler skaggs is that guy. a highly touted first round pick
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but you stung him for a grand slam. what is your approach against guys you don't know? they have some film. you know? we knew -- he threw a lot of fastballs. had he a change-up and, you know, he could throw the fastball and seemed like he had some angle. you kind of have an idea but no matter whether you've seen him or not each day is a new day. they are not going to pitch you the same every day. you got to find a way and see the ball and have an approach and let the game dictate what you're trying to do. >> you hit that grand slam but your next time up there facing brad bergesen you got hit by a pitch and seems like a coincidence that you got hit after the grand slam. did you think there was intent to that? >> no. they were trying to throw a fastball in and can get away from you from time to time. that's baseball. you know? you're going to get hit by some pitches and you take your base. >> no hard feelings for you in that one? >> no. >> must have hurt.
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are you okay? >> i'm fine. i'll be all right, guys. >> all right. glad to hear it. great night for you, hunter pence. thank you for being with us. hunter pence a grand slam. giants take game one of the series. we will have more from chase field in phoenix after this.
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giants take game one of the series in arizona 6-2 to stay 7 1/2 games ahead of the dodgers in the west and 18 games left on
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the schedule. giants actually went ahead in the third inning. buster posey batting with the bases loaded and this is how they got their first run. matt cain was able to beat the throw. later in the inning, bases loaded. it was hunter pence. >> hitting out of a two-strike count. he got that foot down early and adjusted that leg kick. because of that he is using his legs and good solid base. >> 5-0 lead there. then an odd play in the third with goldschmidt batting and started off foul and rolled back fair. then the first base umpire acted like he didn't know what was going on. >> james hoye a little confusion. kirk gibson came out there and yelling at everybody. a play we had never really seen before. then a very important double play. again, bad base running. a mistake of jason kubel.
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so all night long, the diamondbacks had opportunity. ended up stranding 15 runners on. the giants walked nine and hit two runners. an error. lots of free base runners but this was the play of the night. bases loaded. nobody out. mota gets a smashout of chris young. sandoval makes the pick. next play out from affeldt going 1-2. one more out to get and strike out to end the threat and ned end the inning and preserve the five run lead. >> that is where affeldt got the save. he won't get credit for it but the game needed saving right there. casilla with the bases loaded. they didn't want to pinch him and he got a base hit to right field. the final giants run. he knew he had to go to first base but wasn't sure where he should go next. >> it lit up the bench. you look for levity this time of the year and gave everybody on the giants bench a lot of
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laughter and good feel. the thing significant about tonight matt cain came out and threw a lot of pitches early in the game. first two innings his pitch total was almost 55 innings. he managed to pitch through the problems he was having and kept the score at 0-0. sandoval great at-bats. he went opposite field later in the game for a double that was smashed. he is showing bruce bochy he is not trying to hit home runs. that is huge. they need him as they push on towards this division championship and this giant team very weird game come up big and deny a lot of opportunity for the diamondbacks tonight and very important thing they won game one so set up to have a nice weekend. >> for pablo and key man in that lineup and bochy has been be
10:26 pm
saying it all along. we need him. this lineup is so much better when pablo is gone and they feel like going into october. not talking about october yet but it's obviously, going into october they need pablo sandoval at his best and encouraging sign tonight. >> giants starters have been tired and not able to go deep in the game. the middle relief has stood tall and given this team a good shot in the arm. >> zito goes tomorrow and giants with a 7 1/ lead over l.a. and giants 18 games left on the schedule and dodgers beating the cardinals 8-5. tune in after we sign off to comcast sports net. giants pregame live at 4:30. we will be back with you on giants television network saturday, september 29th at 5:30 from san diego. for mike krukow and this is jon miller. thanks for tuning in.
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hope you enjoyed our telecast and now we say good night from arizona where the giants beat the d'backs 6-2.
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overpriced tickets at the new stadium, bad blood with gavin newsom, an interview with the 49ers, 31-year-old owner >> bay area teen becomes the center of an international investigation. the retreat that ended with a deadly ritual and potential cover-up. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm raj mathai. on a little early because of the giants' game on nbc bay area. we begin with news overseas. protests escalate beyond the middle east. muslims upset over the anti-islamic film made here in america. growing more angry that the u.s. its not doing more to punish the
10:31 pm
filmmaker. meanwhi meanwhile, the body of ambassador chris stevens was returned home today. president obama was on hand as the remains of u.s. ambassador to libya, and bay area native chris stevens and three american colleagues were returned home. they were murdered by a mob on the 9/11 anniversary at the embassy in benghazi. the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute. for we are americans. we hold our head high. >> the protests widened. this was iraq. in lebanon, symbols of the u.s. got burned, at kfc and hardee's. this was gaza. many furious over the anti-islam film made. it's not just arab nations. protest as the cross the world in nearly 40 cities today. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan, blamed
10:32 pm
president obama. >> what we do not see is steady, consistent, american leadership. that its what keeps the peace. and that is what we will have in a romney/ryan administration. >> team obama called that an attempt to score political points. >> both factually wrong, and poorly timed. now is the time when -- americans should be coming together. >> many in the muslim world are coming together against america. well that video that sparked the violent protests will reman posted on youtube despite a request from the was today. the national security council asked that youtube to take a look at the anti-islamic film and consider if it violates their terms of use. but late this afternoon, the social media giant declined that request from the u.s. government. youtube decided it was not
10:33 pm
violate its policies. mountain view based google owns youtube. breaking news now, a heartbreaking accident in san jose tonight. a young boy is dead and a community is in shock. it happened in san jose at corner of farm drive and dow drive in the 7:00 hour. nbc bay area's arturo santiago standing by. arturo? >> reporter: a few hours since this happened. police are still here, interviewing witnesses and the driver of the vehicle that hit this little boy. after it happened, police told me hundred gathered here on the streets. now as soon as the crowd cleared though, police were able to focus on their investigation and find out exactly how this tragedy happened. now the traffic investigations unit is going to be getting statements from the driver and any eyewitnesses. and also taking measurements of the scene. what they do know so far, is that just before 8:00 tonight, the 8-year-old boy was riding on a minibike, drove it out of a
10:34 pm
driveway into the street. when he was hit by a truck. the vick tetim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. in the weak of the accident, police are offering word of caution. >> when you are in a neighborhood like this, it is very highly densely populated and dark and street lights aren't all functioning, speed has got to come down below recommended speed limit. just not enough time to react to something like this. >> i just, heard like a car -- stop. and then -- i just -- checked. is was my friend. >> now, sad and tragic as this is. the 8-year-old boy was doing something dangerous. riding on one of the minipocket-rocket motorcycles and laid out his own racetrack part of which included the street. the bike did not have any light on it. and the little boy was not wearing a helmet. now, i am told the little boy's parents were notified right away. they were at the hospital. the driver of the truck, is
10:35 pm
cooperating completely with police it is too early in the investigation now to say if any charges will be filed against him. we're live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> tragic story, arturo, thank you. his killers are still out there tonight as police work to track down the gunman who killed a clerk. friends, neighbors, customers gathered to pay their respects to the man they called mo. george? >> reporter: well, that's right. we did see loyal seven-11 customers come out. and a neighborhood next to the 7-eleven. you can see the example. a lot of people brought out flowers out here. this killing has shaken up the neighborhood. not used to seeing violence like this. close tee 70 people lit candles and paid their respects to the man, mo, a 7-eleven clerk was shot and killed on shift early last saturday morning. they're looking for the three
10:36 pm
men seen here in pictures, taken from 7-eleven surveillance video. seep they're wearing hoodies, masks, all had handguns. we talked to one customer who says, mo was the first smiling face she saw every day, picking up coffee on her way to work. >> i mean once you get used to seeing that face, it's not there anymore, then, in the back of your mind you know what has happened. it's really sad. it's very sad. you know, i miss him. >> reporter: back here live, 7-eleven offering a $10,000,000 -- $10,000 reward for any one that has information. we'll hear from the daughter of the owner and hear her thoughts. >> george, thank you. frightened caltrans passengers, jumped out of the way as a train came down the tracks.
10:37 pm
the terrifying scenario and now it played out. passengers legally crossing the tracks after getting off a train. an express train was approaching, at 76 miles per hour. the engineer hit the emergency break, but the train did not stop, until it had passed the station. fortunately, everyone got out of the way. tonight we are learning caltrain launched an internal investigation. two engineers have been put on leave. one did test positive for drug use. the near accident prompted new rules. engineers and dispatchers are now required to communicate before entering stations like south san francisco, which do not have crossing arms to prevent passengers from crossing live tracks. mind your manners, san francisco police officers dressed as 49ers fans for sunday's primetime game at candlestick park. in light of recent violence, offi officers will be undercover, wearing team colors, patrolling
10:38 pm
the stand and parking lot. the 49ers will enforce the zero tolerance policy. they will be kicking out anyone causing trouble. people kicked out will then have to complete a four-hour, online class on conduct before being allowed back into an nfl game. five fires in 24 hours, have investigators trying to find out who set them and why. two fires at a stripmall on sycamore drive. the wall of a 99 cent store was burned and bushes and trees. after 10:30 last night. an hour earlier this tree caught fire, near antioch high school. all it peers all five were arson. >> a a school is scrambling to rebuild after a fire called $400,000 in damage. not just the fire. there are other concerns here. no automated sprinkler or fire detection system at the school. it is legalegal.
10:39 pm
most california public schools do not have an ought matting cy -- an automatic system. california did enact a law in 2002 that requires new or modernized schools to install automatic systems. beachwood does not have sprinkler systems. its principal is trying to build permanent classrooms, not portables like the one that burned down thursday. and school leaders will discuss installing automatic fire detection systems in the future. >> there are always lessons to be learned from it stoechlt . so we are going to reflect and take everything into consideration, absolutely. >> the san mateo grand jury in 2808, recommended all schools, 23 districts. convert from manual to automatic, to prevent damage and possibly save lives. still ahead, a bay area teen disappears in peru. tonight the tragic discovery that has his family grieving. also ahead, the bad blood,
10:40 pm
gavin newsom, expensive tickets at new stadiums and changes to his personal life. the one-on-one interview. iphone 5 preorders begin today. didn't take long for apple to feel the crush of demand. when customers can really expect to receive their new phones. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center the after a few 90s today. temperatures dropping into the 60s across the east bay. right now, 59, san jose. for saturday, if you are watching the game on tv or headed there yourself, temperatures in stanford, versus usc, looking mid to upper 70s. more on the full forecast in a few. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> a a tent city popped up in the east bay, everything from haircuts to hot meals, free of
10:43 pm
charge. guest list, bay area veterans. called operation stand down in full swing tonight. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has the story. >> major anxiety, use, being in closed spaces. >> just a snapshot of what marine veteran, thomas medina is dealing with. just back from two tours of duty in iraq, the 26-year-old from oakland is homeless, jobless, and lacking direction. >> it's hard, you know what i mean? it is hard coming back and being use to something for so long then coming back to -- civilian life and trying to adjust, and find work, where -- where being in the military, it's, your days are planned. >> thanks to operation stand down, medina is not without hope. an entire tent city has sprung up on the county fairground. for the next three days, vets from across the bay area are getting much needed help. >> from haircuts and hot meals.
10:44 pm
to legal services. it's all here. >> the services provided here are -- in a sense -- everything you might need. we have -- dentists. doctors. orthopedists, dermatologists. >> jack bartholomeaw knows what a difference it can make, he went from a homeless client to a tent leader who now has a job, a home and a new outlook. >> i finally just had to straighten my life around once i found this program to help me, get my life on, on the right path. >> reporter: meanwhile, medina is hoping to clean up his credit and take care of tax issues so he too can get back on track. he says there are thousand like him, who have served their country, but have been dealt a tough hand. >> most veterans, at least in my generation are young when they join. especially in the marine corps, joining right out of high school. and not really knowing about taxes or -- or just anything,
10:45 pm
really. i mean we are just growing up. >> jodi hernandez, nbc bay area. all the services offered at east bay stand down are being paid for by donations. final farewell today for the first man to walk on the moon. neil armstrong's cremated remans were burieden the atlantic ocean during a ceremony aboard the uss philippine sea. a navy musician plays taps and the american flag was presented to his widow. commander of the apollo 11 mission in 1969 when he made the leap for man kind. he died last month in native ohio following heart surgery complications. he was 82 years old. thousand left san francisco for wine country this morning. all on foot. all part of an annual relay race. nbc bay area's joe rosatto jr. has special athletes taking part. >> reporter: on the cold, gray, bay area morning.
10:46 pm
runners gathered on san francisco's marina green. >> hundred of scenes out there to guide you. >> the occasion was the ragmag race from san francisco to calistoga. >> basically two days and one night of constant running. >> in this crowd of 4,000, some in costume, jeff turner stood out. he has only one leg. >> i started running, one step at a time. >> with marathons and triathlons under his belt, turner and his group, challenged athletes foundation run for themselves as well as others. >> essentially show people that, you know, losing a limb, you know, doesn't mean losing everything that you love about life. >> this is all flat trail. >> despite organizers offer of an alternate route that avoided stairs, they set out with the crowd. >> there is an element in faith, running as an amputee.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: with each step, he was farther from the 1989 moto motorcycle accident that claimed his leg. giving in spir raegs spiration . >> it helped me find myself. to get better. >> he is actually fantastic watching these guys run on the side. we have been running with the guys, training and everything. you really don't even notice. >> turner says while the heart and mind can overcome most obstacles, finances are a bigger challenge. >> prosthetics are expensive. one of the biggest hurdles, to be honest, for most people. >> runners will run through the night. ending up in calistoga saturday afternoon. for turner the victory was already at hand. >> great event. >> still to come, he never returned from a spiritual retreat in peru. his surprising death and the link to an ancient drug. plus -- >> getting involved, charitably,
10:48 pm
in business efforts, just, you know going to dinner in the city, making sure people know you are here and you actually feel the city and feel what is going on, you feel the bay area. that's very, very important. a good lesson for anybody getting into sports. >> changing things up, a lot different than how his dad ran the team. one-on-one. good evening. we are tracking the weekend forecast for you at the coastline. upper 60s. 70s. inland. cooler, mid to upper 80s. e if you are headed to the 49ers game at candlestick, clouds and 60s. this is an rc robotic claw.
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meg whitman revealed they working on smartphones with tablets. whitman said the right thing for hewlett-packard and we will be successful. the giant has been struggling, to cut costs, hp announced it now plans to slash 29,000 jobs, by october of next year. investors like mark zuckerberg, giving the thumbs up after zuckerberg gave a talk about the company's ad exchange. helps marketers, target consumers. a new feature on facebook and could help the site. the 30-minute talk, translated into, more than $6 billion in additional market valuation for the company. facebook shares up 6.2% today. at $22. way down from the $3 ipo in may. but showing signs of improvement. >> the younger brother of yahoo!
10:52 pm
ceo is in legal trouble. mason meyer arrested for three fellows last fall. after his ex-girlfriend said she beat her. myers struck a plea deal with prosecutors today. the 34-year-old pleaded guilty to reduced charge of misdemeanor false imprisonment. his ex-girlfriend said she didn't report the alleged domestic violence because meyer threat tuned use his family's power and influence to ruin her name. the 31-year-old was represented by gloria allred. august a busy month for the real estate market. data quick released numbers showing nine county region posted strongest home sales for month of august since 2006. nearly 8,600 homes sold in the bay area last month. 14% increase from august of last year. when about 7,500 homes were sold. data quick, credits low interest rates, improving economy, increasing demand in medium priced homes. passengers flying out of sfo
10:53 pm
will wait a little longer to got to their destination. airport officials expect delays for three weekend while one of the main runways is shut down for safety improvements. the first temporary shut down, about an hour ago and will last until monday morning. >> b.a.r.t. ready to spend money after announcing budget surplus. a good chunk spent on pigeons, the droppings they leave behind. b.a.r.t. played recordings of hawks and put spikes to keep bird away. that hasn't solved the problem. b.a.r.t. is putting $1 million toward effort at four stations. the $11 million surplus thanks to record ridership and unexpected increase in sales tax revenue. along with fixing pigeon problem. b.a.r.t. will replace carpet in cars and install late night bus service between san francisco and east bay. the weekend is here. very exciting. let's get a check on the
10:54 pm
forecast with chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. >> if you like the forecast. not any reason, why you won't like saturday and sunday. some changes. get a look at today. some of the hottest weather. upper 80s. in livermore. walnut creek. 86, in fearfie fairfield. 74, santa cruz. wide mix. depending where you were. much colder by the bay and coastline. right now, what we have happening. the wind is more on shore. 10, 20 miles per hour. dropping our temperatures down to san mateo. 59, san jose. not quite as cool in livermore. 65. live, hd sky camera network right now. what you will find is a gorgeous shot. city lights shining bright. we do have some fog, straddling the golden gate bridge. but not too thick. however, for the morning hours, see that start to build back inland. we can't rule out a few airport delays. mainly at sfo.
10:55 pm
bring you become to the weather picture. over the next 48 hours. what we will fiend nd is weathet ah hot. jet stream, 300, 400 miles offshore. cooler air with it. gradually throughout tomorrow. see it shave down some of the hot air that we had throughout today. that is eventually going to get us some cooler weather in here for the weekend. definitely not cold for the entire bay area. what we will find is 50s, 60s. familiar fog. wind are going to start to kick up. fog builds in and throughout pacific. san francisco. 80s by the bay. 90s for the east. and also for the south bay. and, it will stay warm inland saturday. notice the cooler breeze coming back on sunday for a little bit more substantial drop. at the coast and for the day. for tomorrow morning, on your saturday. hopefully get to sleep in. get fog up in the north bay to help you with that. for the coastline. not too much, east, south bay. here is the good news. start off with a low cloud
10:56 pm
cover. it will push back. 11:00 clock a.m. widespread sunshine from the north bay to the south bay. great news for the weekend i you suffer from allergies. tough go for you here. most of the allergens, moderate to high. that is not going to get better over 48 hours. as the for your daytime highs. top out like thissen the sou ei bay. again, low clouds to start as you get close to the coastline. plenty of sunshine, for your afternoon. real nice. and the warmest weatheren east bay. 79 in freemont. if you are going to any of the games this weekend. we showed you over the past half-hour. show you again. stanford, uhc. in the 70s. cloud cover. not too bad.
10:57 pm
what we are used to this team of the year. 49ers. headed out to candlestick. cool. little fog. doing any kind of tailgating. you will find some way to stay warm out there at the stadium. on the seven-day forecast. we have, 70s by the bay. most of next week. 60s at the kes line. gradually, into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. next week. and low and mid 80s in here. and no rain in the next forecast. the last full weekend of summer. >> the stanford game, and 49ers. think he is tailgating. and i think he would look to. >> and the fans. >> tense moments in southern california. a wildfire breck out near famed getty museum. the fire breck out late this afternoon in the hills above the pass. if you are familiar with the
10:58 pm
area, eastside of 405 freeway. 40 acres were burned. no one was hurt. getty museum was closed as a precaution. students and staff at mount st. mary's college north of the museum were also evacuated. san francisco this week, oakland next week. the fight against bullying is intensifying. local, state, national leaders shared ideas in a summit of sorts today. in terms of ways the community can tackle the problem. the san francisco school district showed upper grade students "bully" and ex-planpla how students are harassed and intimidated. cyberbullying adds a new mint n dimension. >> bullying takes on a much bigger pale now. than when we were growing up. it's important for students to have a consciousness about what is bullying. once they realize what it is. students will step up.
10:59 pm
>> starting next week. 13,000 students in oakland public school system will see the movie all. up >> the queen is upset. the royal family fighting back, suing the french mag zen thazin published topless photos of kate. taken during the royal couple's summer vacation in france. and the photos were shot with a long lens camera. the royal family calls the images a "grotesque and totally unjustifiable invasion of privacy." many in the public, compare it to the media frenzy that followed william's mother princess diana. >> she's such a nice person. >> insiders say the photos were shopped to the brit, press which refused to buy them. a french expert in media law said the royal couple has an excellent chance of winning their case since they were on

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